Young David Books

The Young David Books are a series of children’s books based on the childhood of the Biblical King David. These beautifully illustrated inspirational fictional tales address issues commonly faced by young children, such as sense of identity and self-worth, facing fears and making friends. Suitable to be read to 3-6 year olds, or as a reader for 6+ year olds, they are sure to delight.

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young David
The full series comprises:

David and the Hairy Beast
David’s dad gives him a very important job to do. But can the shepherd boy overcome his fear of the Hairy Beast to save the flock?
David and the Kingmaker
The prophet Samuel is looking for the next king of Israel. Will he find him on David’s farm?
David and the Giant
When the whole army of Israel is too scared to fight a giant, will young David be any braver?
David and the Lonely Prince
David is invited to a sleepover at King Saul’s palace. But will David and the king’s son ever become friends?
David and the Grumpy King
When David agrees to spend a holiday with his best friend Jonathan, he never imagines he will have to run away from a spear-throwing king …
David and the Never-ending Kingdom
David dreams he goes forward in time to the very first Christmas. Will he be able to save the baby Jesus from King Herod and his Hairy Beast?

Availability and Ordering

The Young David series is available in print and electronic formats. Print books may be ordered via our online store or in selected bookshops. The electronic versions are currently available for ipad only, and may be purchased from the Apple app store.

Author interview

Here’s a short clip of author Fiona Veitch Smith talking about the inspiration for the series:


A wonderful introduction into the early life of one of the Bible’s great heroes. Some insightful writing and fantastic illustrations help to shed light on what made David a ‘man after God’s own heart’… David is certainly introduced in a way that many children will be able to relate to and learn from.
Geoff Brown – Schools’ Development Worker for Scripture Union in North East England and Yorkshire.

The Young David books are delightfully eye-catching, however for me the key question before buying sets for my various grandchildren was: “Will they help the kids go deeper into the Bible?” Having read them I knew immediately the answer was yes. The series draws children into an understanding of God’s work in David’s life beyond his encounter with Goliath. The author (FVS) writes imaginatively but always in a way that opens up scriptural truth. It thrills me to see the younger generation excited by God’s word – Young David books help that happen.
Revd Canon Paul Harris – writer/poet/broadcaster, former Mission and Evangelism Director of Evangelical Alliance UK

As a minister, with responsibility for engaging with the younger generations, I am always keen to find ways of encouraging young people to engage in the stories within our biblical heritage. This series of books does just that in an attractive, accessible and colourful way. Our family have personally enjoyed the stories and I really commend them to others.
Rob Hawkins – Methodist Minister, Director of The Holy Biscuit Arts Project, Newcastle

The Young David books are an absolute joy. The storytelling is beautiful, and perfect for young children. The interpretations of the stories of David’s early life are brought to life wonderfully by the charming illustrations. These storybooks carry the heart of scripture in a way that young children can relate to and are sure to delight children and adults alike.
Matt & Vicky Dunn – Pastors at H Rock Church, Pasadena, California

What an excellent way to re-enter the stories of the young King David! These picture books are suitable to be read to pre-schoolers, and to be read by themselves for children aged 5 to 7. The author, Fiona Veitch Smith, is not afraid to use her imagination and creativity to enter into the Bible stories and make them come alive for a new generation today. Children who don’t know these stories can learn them for the first time. Those who do know them will be enchanted by the modern references that give the familiar stories a fresh twist. On every page, the delightful illustrations by Amy Barnes provide much fun for young readers, as they watch the charming antics of David’s sheep. I endorse these books wholeheartedly, and recommend that every Sunday School, playgroup, and indeed family, get themselves a set. Five stars out of five for each one.
Revd. Philip S. Davies – UK Vice Chair of the Association of Christian Writers

The Young David books really capture the heart of the Biblical story and put it into language that children can understand. When we think of David as king of Israel, it’s easy to forget the formation that happened in his life as a child, but these books portray that well. The illustrations are simple, yet add to the text in a nice way. I can imagine children having fun acting out the stories from the pictures.
Diana Bjoraker – Principal, Judson International School, Pasadena, California